StreamKit.app is web based service which allows people, streamers, community creators to get custom emotes for all the main expressions for some kind of character.There is 100+ different equipments to make it possible to create any character you like! And when you create the base all other emotes will be one click away!

Is it paid service ?

Yes, StreamKit.app is a paid service, which requires you to pay to get all the emotes, until that you can create the base, see all the emotes how they will look, and when you are happy with the looks, you can select emotes you like to buy and make a payment, its easy and takes only a few seconds to make payment with the paypal!

We offer the best price possible, just as low as we can go, this is more a passion project to help people all around the world to start making professional content.

What sizes will I get the emotes in

You will get all the emotes you have purchased in these sizes: 18x18, 28x28, 36x36, 56x56, 72x72, 112x112


StreamKit.app is open for partnerships, affiliations etc. You can get your creator code which can be used when purchasing and will give the discount to the buyer and the creator will get % of the purchase.To join the partnerships join our discord found at Contact Page for further communication.

Streamers/Creators need to have a viewer base and built the faundation of community to apply, the % of discount and the share of earnings depend on the viewership

I cant seem to find an equipment

StreamKit.app is kinda new service, which would result that you cant find some item to equip on the character, but dont worry, you can request it within our discord server found on Contact Page! We work to make new equipments and customization options every day to make it most powerful service for community artwork!